Chicago Tribune Newspaper-Redesign

On NPR today I heard about the Chicago Tribune’s paper-based newspaper redesign.  It’s not too often that you hear about a newspaper redesigning their paper format, since everything is heading towards becoming web-based. I was curious and looked into it more.  I encourage you to go over and watch the video about the Chicago Tribune redesign on their website.

Although I haven’t actually got my hands on the new paper - Ironically, I heard about it on the radio and then previewed it on the web - I can already tell that this is an amazing improvement to what current newspapers have to offer.  They’ve pulled style and design elements from the web and magazine culture and wonderfully integrated it into their paper.

Some of the new features include:

  • Large Images - In a world of diminishing reader attention span this makes a big improvement.  It also brightens up the classic “smudgy black” on white bringing a magazine-like feel to the newspaper.
  • “Digg-style” Pagination - Linear page numbering of pages helps the readers not feel lost in a huge stack of sections (no more “Go to Section E8″?)
  • Stacked Logo - This gives the newspaper new real estate for a “featured” section in the header bringing another story “above the fold” on the frontpage.
  • Vibrant Identity for Sections - The News, Sports, Lifestyle, etc. sections now have improved “branding” which gives the newspaper a more modern magazine feel.

Print and web are sisters in the world of design.  Their threading of new contemporary design elements have, much like you do in a website redesign, increased their UI, the overall readability of the newspaper, and most importantly their User Experience which will no doubt pay off in the long run.

Hopefully this will be a continuing trend from the large papers to the local papers.  Maybe this will help spark another Print Revolution in a digital world where it’s often being said “Print is Dead“.

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