“Redesign” FAIL

Godaddy's New Redesign

Today GoDaddy unveiled a redesign of their homepage.  It’s incredibly “web2.0″ with a whole bunch of slick gradients.  Too bad it’s like 5 years too late.  We use GoDaddy quite a bit for domain registration (matter o’ fact, I personally bought 2 domains last week) so the Need for a redesign was quite apparent (view the waybackmachine).  However… this one is a couple french fries short of a Happy Meal.

I’ll start with the cons:


  • It’s still a complicated mess.  A cluster-[insert 4 letter word here].  At one glance I can’t find anything I want to… except Danica Patrick.  Who is hott/hawt/xxxHOTxxx, but NASCAR Indy doesn’t make me want to buy a domain.
  • UPDATE: After looking at the code again, I noticed it’s a TABLE LAYOUT!  SINNNNNNERRRRR!
  • The rounded corners are doing nothing.  Rounded corners are supposed to sooth the reader and the content into place, make it “feminine” if you will.  
  • The <title> tag doesn’t even have the company’s name in it.  Granted this may be a GOOGLE HAXX, but it’s generally assumed you should include the Company Name in there.
  • A brief look under the hood exposes a conundrum of inline CSS, bloaty non-obfuscated javascript, and (according to Safari’s Web Inspector) 11 Errors.
    godaddy in safari webinspector
  • I get Dale Jr. and Danica, but I don’t know who Amanda and Candice are and/or why I should choose them to help me buy a domain. I’m pretty sure they’re strippers.


  • Danica Patrick is hott/hawt/xxxHOTxxx(?)
  • The login form is more accessible than it was before.  Good Job Go Daddy!
I think ultimately what the redesign actually should have done is put a HUMONGOUS “$1.99 DOMAINS! SEARCH HERE” and had a large input box for me to look for domains… since that is always my first step in buying a domain.  They could of even had Danica or one of those hot stripper girls pointing at it.
I think I’m done here.   Good try, godaddy, better luck next time!  I’ll still use your services though.

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  1. raygun on 09/24/08 @ 2:53 pm #

    as soon as i saw the logo was the same, I pretty much ignored everything.

  2. trent on 09/24/08 @ 3:32 pm #

    This is a good point about the logo. That is really its own future entry… “worst corporate logos ever”.

    Dave, Danica drives Indy not NASCAR. BOO!

  3. raygun on 09/25/08 @ 9:19 am #

    I also just noticed that the aforementioned logo was (poorly) photoshopped onto Danica’s jacket. Brilliant

  4. davatron5000 on 09/25/08 @ 9:23 am #

    nah dude, you can print directly onto zippers and over seems now.

  5. Emmanuel Mwangi on 09/26/08 @ 3:38 pm #

    Never mind that the old website as bad as it looked performs better than the new monstrosity. The redesign slows down my Firefox for me. And I have a 2Ghz laptop with 2GB of ram. Granted I have alot open but, it seems slower than a great deal of other sites that I have opened today with the same conditions.

    Who actually runs this over there? Was it some committee that mandated MORE GRADIENTS MORE AJAXY FADES MORE GRADIENTS!!!

  6. davatron5000 on 09/26/08 @ 4:53 pm #

    Ha. Exactly! I just assume if you’re going to use a gradient, the site should be table-less. I’ll have to buy a domain to see if they’ve fixed the 10 screens of upgrades before you actually buy your domain.

  7. Rooster on 09/26/08 @ 8:34 pm #

    Damned thing won’t let Firefox stick in my passwords automatically.

    Put that on the list of cons will ya.

  8. Rooster on 09/26/08 @ 8:37 pm #

    I should add that no matter how much it sucks… I’ll stay with them because they’re the only registrar that doesn’t steal every domain I search for but don’t register within a few hours (so far).

  9. Zak on 11/20/08 @ 10:46 am #

    Not to mention the inconsistent light source *blah*

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