Best Buy Identity Redesign

The design world is buzzing about the latest corporate rebranding brought to you by Best Buy, and I decided I might as well get my two cents in. Here’s our exhibit:







There are some things I like about this redesign, but I’ve found that the cons outweigh the pros.


  • I like the new font. The old font was way too heavy and bulky. I also like that they went away from the all-caps format of the old logo.
  • It’s definitely a more modern departure from their old logo. The old one was getting pretty outdated, and I think this new one is refreshing. 
  • They kept the instantly recognizable yellow tag (although I would have liked to have seen it as a solid color).
  • GENERIC. Seriously, it looks like it was pulled from one of those “LOGOZ FOR 50 BUCKS!!!” websites. The tag looks like clip art… just not as interesting as it could be. This could be a design for just about any company.
  • Where did that blue come from? It looks like an attempt to be more sophisticated.
  • It looks like they took a page out of the Wal-Mart rebranding kit. That can never be a good thing.
  • The more I look at it, the more the “t” and the “y” bug the crap out of me. 
  • I’m going to guess that this won’t look good on signage. Although a tad tacky and in-your face, the old logo was instantly recognizable from a signage standpoint. The new one kind of has that old Radio Shack feel to it. 
  • I can’t decide if fitting the tag beside the “y” is too forced or subtle. I’m leaning more towards too forced right now, but that could change over time.
Here’s what I would have done. Instead of taking a page out of the Wal-Mart rebranding kit, I would have taken one from the UPS rebranding kit. UPS took a very old and outdated logo and brought it into the modern age without killing the integrity of their original look. I would liked to have seen Best Buy start by keeping the lettering inside the tag, instead of going the Wal-Mart “insert crappy icon here” look. 
In short…

One comment so far.... hint hint...

  1. davatron5000 on 10/16/08 @ 11:25 am #

    i totally agree with the Radio Shack vibe… hopefully they won’t end up going that route…

    i’ve seen some positive reviews of this logo… but honestly, it’s kind of dumpy. the tag is sweet. but the text is just plain dumpy.

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